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World War Z PS4 Tops UK Sales Charts
World War Z is officially the number one game in the UK. The title is set in the same universe as the movie of the same name, which released in 2013 and starred Brad Pitt. The film was based on a book by Max Brooks.

The third-person shooter, developed by Saber Interactive, which released recently, is set in that same world and follows a group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse in the cities of Tokyo, Moscow, New York and Jerusalem. The survival horror title is even more intense than the movie, with up to 1,000 zombies chasing down players at once. It's also a four-player co-op, forcing players to work together to survive a cruel world of zombie swarms. The game promises a lot of fun co-op gameplay that should keep players coming back for more.

It seems that they are coming back for more: World War Z kept its promise, at least according to players. The Metro reports that the title is currently the number one game in the UK on the PlayStation 4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch and FIFA 19 on the PlayStation 4 follow closely behind. World War Z is at number four on the UK charts for the Xbox One. Rounding out the top 10 games is Yoshi's Crafted World, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (for the PS4 and Xbox One), New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Marvel's Spider-Man and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Interestingly enough, though, World War Z doesn't make the top ten for the U.S. game sales chart.

The game fills the void left behind by the film, which received mostly positive reviews and earned over $500 million at the worldwide box office. This success led Paramount to begin considering a sequel, although the development of that second movie continued to get delayed due to various reasons with the project eventually getting scrapped, reportedly due to its high budget. The game breathes new undead life into the franchise, though, with a gameplay experience that continues to get praise from players and critics.

World War Z, though, was not without its initial problems. The title suffered from some connectivity issues at launch that kept players from actually playing it, but Saber quickly released a hot fix for those problems, suggesting that the company is paying attention to player feedback and responding accordingly. That's clearly paid off, as sales of the game thrive and players continue to heap praise onto its fun multiplayer experience.
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