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Seedboxes.cc | SB | Seed / Torrents Upload etc... | 2019 Review
Seedboxes.cc | SB | Seed / Torrents Upload etc... | 2019 Review


[Image: MqiahQr.png]

Seedboxes Name: Seedboxes.cc

Seedboxes Signup: Free

Seedboxes Description

I was able to test the smallest of the seedboxes.cc available slots (known as their "Bat Box", 20Gbps server's downlink and uplink). This is the exact same seedbox that we give away to our contest winners every month, so as you can imagine, i needed to be sure that this provider was exactly what we were looking for!

Just so that everyone is clear, i actually went through the normal process and purchased this slot, just like any other individual would have. So rest assured, that these slots aren't any different from the normal slots that you can purchase directly from this company. The entire purchase and registration process was very fast and only took a few minutes. Once the payment was submitted and the process was complete, i immediately received the details to my new seedbox and was able to start using it right away.

Actually, even before i purchased and began using my new seedbox, i quickly realized that the seedboxes.cc dashboard is simply amazing and very user friendly. Even the most novice user will find their dashboard extremely easy to use. Once you login and access the dashboard, everything you need is readily available, including the ability to monitor services, edit settings, as well as the following:

Option to restart your seedbox.
Change your seedbox's password.
You can instantly see the HDD space that you are currently using as well as the monthly Upload Traffic that you have used thus far (numerical + graphical stats).
Another great benefit is the ability to go 10% over and above your disk space limit for a small period of time. When this takes place, an email notification will be generated and you will be notified that you have exceeded your storage limit.
You can add funds to your account and also purchase additional upload bandwidth if needed.
Ability to control the seedbox via a mobile app.
Choose/switch BitTorrent clients with 1-click. The available options are rutorrent, deluge and transmission.
You can also enable Plex support for your account.
FTP, SFTP, SSH, SSL, HTTP, HTTP Proxy, OpenVPN are available as well.
If necessary, you can also enable the browser extensions for the Safari and Chrome browser. You can then use these extensions to quickly view your seedbox stats (disk space, traffic, etc) and quickly perform several actions (restart slot, plex refresh, etc.) all without the need to login into your client area.
You can also install/enable with 1-click the following applications: autodl_irssi plugin + irssi (community), Mediastream Plugin for rutorrent, Enable HTTP access, FileShare plugin for rutorrent, FileUpload plugin for rutorrent, SabNzbd+, RapidLeech, OwnCloud, Bittorrent Sync, Couchpotato, Subsonic, Madsonic, Sickbeard.

To be honest, i didn't have any problems at all while i was using this seedbox, however i still wanted to test their support, so i created a support ticket with some technical questions. They replied within minutes and their response was very accurate and professional. Hats off!

I only tested 'rutorrent', since the majority of users prefer this client. The GUI is fast and stable and the speeds are phenomenal.

As we all know, transfer speeds depend on several different factors, including the torrent that you are downloading, the connectivity with the rest of the peers, the tracker itself and many more factors. So i won't say "the average speed is xxx MB/s or the max speed is ttt MB/s" etc.

In my opinion the point is not 5 more or 5 less MB/s anyway. What really matters is the overall performance/stability/experience/support and this seedbox provider is absolutely worth every single cent i paid for and more!

At any rate, i know that most of you will still want to see a screenshot, so i am providing one for you. Even though i got even faster (or depending on the torrent) even slower speeds while i was testing, i think that the following screenshot reflects this seedbox's potential:


[Image: yjCAVvp.png]

[Image: 4TzwKh0.png]

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