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Tracker Inactivity Reminder
If You Think I Have To Make Any Changes Or To Add Any Other Trackers,

Feel Free To Post Here 'n I Will Edit The Thread..


Rarely disable for inactivity.

You have to login once every 90 days or you'll get banned. There is no banning on the basis of whether you download or not, you just have to login.

Users who are inactive on AB for 10 weeks will have their accounts disabled. You should receive an email mentioning that your account is about to get pruned on the ninth, and it will get automatically disabled on the tenth, so try to make sure that our mails aren't marked as spam. If you do know that you can't be active for a while, please send a Staff PM about it and a note will be left on your account.
To re-enable your account, visit our #support channel on irc.
It is important to note that tracker activity does not count as being active, we require that users login to state that they are still using the site. Power Users and up as well as donors are immune to inactivity pruning.

Accounts with a ratio have up to 12 months prior to account being disabled.

Accounts are automatically disabled within months of inactivity.

Accounts stay for maximum 6 weeks of inactivity. 

If your account is not parked, then it will be automatically deleted from the database after 120 days of inactivity. If your account is parked, then it will be automatically deleted from the database after 240 days of inactivity.

Any New users that have no stats for one month will have their account deleted.

Any disabled accounts will be deleted after 6 months.

Any accounts inactive for more than 6 months will be deleted.

Donor accounts will be left untouched.


No inactivity rule in place.


6 months for a Member rank account. 12 months for a Leecher rank.

Account Issues - Inactivity
Since we wish to maintain an active user base, we now require users to log in to the site a minimum of once every 90 days. Users who fail to do this will have their accounts automatically disabled for inactivity by the system.

Note that tracker activity alone (seeding or leeching torrents) does not fulfill the activity requirement -- you will need to log into and use the site itself in order to be considered active.

If you are disabled for inactivity, you may join the #help channel on our IRC to request reactivation. We'll gladly reenable users who will be active, but we will not repeatedly reenable users who do not use their accounts.

There is no "account parking" feature on AHD, but if you expect that you will be unable to use AHD for a long period of time, sending a staff PM about your expected absence will greatly increase your chances of being reactivated afterward.

HD-Pro and above user classes are exempt from deactivation for inactivity.


Accounts are pruned after 11 months of disuse (i.e. not logging into the tracker account or seeding within 11 months). Accounts with 0 download and 0 upload are pruned earlier. (See also: "Forum Account").
Donator accounts (people who've donated to BakaBT and received a donator status) have the option of disabling inactivity pruning, and safeguarding their account for as long as they choose. The option is disabled by default, and can be found in your settings page. 

Inactive accounts will be disabled after 45 days. This means you have to log in at least once every 45 days to keep your account. Seeding a torrent will not prevent your account from being disabled.

Disabling varies on user class:

User - 90 days without logging in

Power User, Elite and Other Classes are exempt from inactivity rules.

Inactive accounts are deleted after 90 days.
Parked accounts are deleted after 120 days.
This doesn't apply to Elite Users or above.

If you are not attending one year at the site, then you get banned for inactivity. The account will permanently delete the ban after two years

When the limit on the number of users is reached (#?), accounts inactive for more than 42 days are automatically deleted.

Unparked accounts are pruned when 25 days have elapsed since the last recorded activity. Parked accounts are pruned when 50 days have elapsed since the last recorded activity. Also they regularly clean out accounts with very low share ratios!

Peasant accounts are pruned after 1 week. Peasant account in both trackers mean users with a ratio below 0.45 

No inactivity rules.

Unparked accounts are pruned when 180 days (for powerusers this is 1 year) have elapsed since the last recorded activity. Parked accounts are pruned when 360 days have elapsed since the last recorded activity. Also note that we regularly clean out accounts with very low share ratios.
Accounts with nothing uploaded/ downloaded after 4 weeks and are inactive for a week are pruned.

you must login to the site at least once every 90 days. Donors and VIP+ classes are immune to inactivity.


Normal user's and Power User's accounts are pruned after 90 days of no activity, either on the web site or by using the tracker.
Superfans and above are immune to inactivity deletion by the system. We may, however, decide some day that if you haven't logged in for an inordinately long time, you're probably dead. In which case reserve the right to get rid of your account to make room for someone with lungs that are at least partially functional.

You must use your account to upload / download torrent data within 30 days of account creation.

Any member who does not participate in the site for more than 30 days will have his account disabled. (Merely logging in is not participating).


When the limit on the number of users is reached (#?), accounts inactive for more than 33 days are automatically deleted

You must be active, or the account will be automatically disabled. Activity can include, downloading / seeding / uploading torrents, idling or active in the IRC Channel, or commenting in, or creating forum threads.
Inactivity period is 30 Days for User Class, and 45 Days for Power User and above.



For Apprentices and Pervs, you must login once every 4 months. For Good Perv+ you must login once per year.



Accounts are automatically deleted after 1 year of inactivity (bittorrent client activity doesn't count). If you park the account, this period is increased to 2 years.
With parking the account, you will have some restrictions on navigation on the site, such as blocking access to the page with torrents or forum

Normal User accounts that are inactive for more than 42 days (ie haven't logged into the site) and NOT PARKED are automatically


Inactive accounts are deleted after 4 weeks! You can park account 175 days!!!! 


No longer supports parking accounts, and in exchange the inactivity grace period is 50 days. If you do not log in for 50 days, your account will be disabled for inactivity. If you are VIP you won't be disabled until the VIP period is over. 


Normal User: if member don't visit 1 month, account will be deleted automatically.
Power User: If member don't visit 3 month, account will be deleted automatically.

Insane (newinsane)
Inactive accounts are deleted after 50 days. You can park account 180 days!!


• Without any upload / download user will be automatically pruned by system after 5 days. (only for the first time)

• "Insame User" Class will not be deleted by system "if you turn your vacation mode on"
• "Extreme User" Class will permanently keep their account (aside from violate the rules

Your account is automatically deleted by system from following rules 

• If you DID NOT TURN ON "Vacation Mode" , after 40 days inactive (Seeding is not included, visit the site.)
• If you DID "On Vacation" , after 100 days without any visit will have same result.

With more than 8 weeks inactive, or more than 2 weeks ago registered, users under the minimum ratio of 0.6 with 1 GB download will be automatically deleted.


[b]Oppaitime Four months of inactivity for your account to be disabled[/b]

Accounts are regarded as inactive when a user has not signed in or browsed the site for a period of 4 months (120 days). Inactive accounts are automatically disabled by a script that runs at the start of each day.

No inactivity rules.

Users who have archived accounts will not log in for 400 consecutive days. The account is disabled
The user who has not sealed the account will be disabled for 150 consecutive days 
The user without traffic (that is, the upload/download data is 0) will be deleted after seven days of registration


Must log in at least once every 3 months or be actively seeding for a majority of the time during your inactivity. There is no grace period - the disable is instant.

New accounts must be used to download at least 1GB and seed more than 1GB in the first 30 days of membership (not counting any start buffers). We want no spectators.
All users are expected to actively use the site. Accounts which will not download anything for longer periods of time will be eventually disabled. Again, we want no spectators.
Unparked accounts are disabled after 120 (Users, Senior Users, Uploaders Lite), 150 (Uploaders), or 220 days (Uploaders Elite, VIPs).
All parked accounts are disabled after a year (365 days).


No inactivity rules - account won't be disabled!

Accounts not being used for 3 months will be removed to make room for active members.

However, you can Park your account in your profile under profile > Privacy & Preference > General > Park Account for 6 months.


Accounts are disabled after 4 weeks of inactivity (6 weeks for power users) 
If account is parked, it gets deleted after 8 weeks of inactivity (10 for power users) 

Members are required to log in to the site least once in two weeks. 

If the inactivity continues for 90 days ( 3 months ), your account will be automatically deleted.

Accounts are disabled after 4 weeks of inactivity. 

Inactive accounts are deleted after 100 days. Higher class after 365 days!!


Accounts with no activity for 30 days will be automatically deleted.
Please note that torrent traffic is not considered site activity - you have to sign in ! You can park your account (check your profile) to prevent deletion due to inactivity. The time limit for parked accounts is 60 days. 
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