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Giveaway [ 1 x BrokenStones.account ]
Giveaway [ 1 x BrokenStones.account ]

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1. Click the  Button Rate (left corner of this post -> I approve -> Add)
2. Reply to this post to apply, Don't forget to mention me @TheTrader
3. Do not PM me, I will choose you.
5. Do NOT apply here if you were banned or disabled on this tracker before
6. I will ask for proofs, at least 3 good ratio proofs (power user and above) and 1 seedbox proof required (hard to survive without it) so prepare them according to this ->
7. Don't forget to leave me a +1 Positive Feedback after you received the account. (Check out how to here: How To Add Feedback )

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@TheTrader I Apply for this
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i apply account BKS ..
thanks ..
I Apply BrokenStones.account  !
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