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PrivateHD | PHD | HD | 2019 Review
PrivateHD | PHD | HD | 2019 Review

[Image: sE8Q3sN.png]
Tracker Name: PrivateHD
Tracker URL: https://privatehd.to/
Tracker Signup: Application/Invite Only!
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Bonus System: Yes
IRC Server: irc.rizon.net; Port: 6667; Channel; #privatehd
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description
PHD is home of EPSiLON (AvistaZ Network) and this tracker has a lot of HD raw content Movies, TV Shows. This tracker is very much active if you are interested in series so you will not be disappointed because they are very active and uploads new episodes as soon as possible, recently they have changed the rules TV Packs are not allowed anymore.

There are 33,249 torrents in different languages, you can find French, Spanish, German, Italian and many other languages. PHD website is easy to use and their interface is cool not too dark not too light which is perfect.

PHD is currently closed, invitations are expensive so consider it as there are no invites because they cost 100,000 bonus points for 1 Invite. But chin-up they open applications for sign up time to time the users limit has been reached to 41,453 we never know when they are going to close the doors permanently. Their staff actively review sign up applications and approve accordingly so if you're thinking of getting into PHD so just make sure you don't mention in application form your IPT & Co. profiles. (IPT, TD)

PrivateHD is part AvistaZ Network and there are other exclusive trackers from the same Network AvistaZ, AnimeZ, CinemaZ, ExoticaZ. Ratio rules are basic and they're still testing out HnR, bad ratio will convert you from member class to leech and there are chances if you don't improve so you know the drill, but still there is hope with all the freeleech and the bonus system it is almost impossible to be banned.

PHD Remuxes are just as good as the most reputable trackers, there is no difference between Source and Encode, it is definitely a great tracker to have if what you are looking for is quality.

PHD Team: EPSiLON, HDBEE, SiGMA, Absinth

What are the discounts on torrents?

Gold Star: Free download
Half Star: Half download
Diamond: Double upload

[Image: EBYkxnE.jpg]

[Image: jMCCXav.jpg]

Category & Search
[Image: 2zIZyFO.png]

[Image: yQILWwF.jpg]

[Image: 7yx8oDu.jpg]

[Image: UobgLoa.jpg][Image: UobgLoa.jpg]

[Image: 90eIYr6.jpg]

Bonus System
[Image: nqfpV4W.jpg]

[Image: foVY7dQ.jpg]

Tracker Ratings


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